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Are you passionate about spreading the message of Christ and leading others to salvation?

If so, we have exciting opportunities for you!

Be a CHOICES Ambassador and Share the Message of Christ around the world!

Hometown Ministries, founded by Michael and Becky Myers, is partnering with several ministries around the world to reach the lost. Our outreach is currently being used in ministries across the United States, Philippines, China and soon to be in Congo Africa, and Zambia. Almost everyday we hear of people accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior from a one on one encounter by a Choices Ambassadors.


Below are a few opportunities for you to consider.  



Concert Tour

Recently a Christian rapper on a nationwide tour, has offered CHOICES ambassadors to join them at shows scheduled from LA to New York and everywhere in between. This tour presents a unique platform to reach church leaders and teens who may be seeking salvation or evangelism tools.

As a CHOICES Ambassador, your role will involve leading people to Christ using our CHOICES program, specifically during the intermission of the concerts. We will provide a highly cinematic video designed to engage and inspire attendees. After the video presentation you will offer the CHOICES of salvation. After the show you'll be stationed in the lobby to interact with visitors, answer questions, and provide further guidance.

We'll provide all the necessary materials, including a pop-up display for the lobbies, wristbands, and merchandise. All we need from you is your time, dedication, and willingness to share the message of Christ.



CHOICES Ambassadors

This is at the heart of what we are here for. To help equip the church for the work of an evangelist. We are looking for that person, or persons, who are really passionate about evangelism in their community. They will be equipped with tools necessary to share CHOICES with your congregation or on the door step of someone they are inviting to church. This church will receive discounts on products in addition to opportunities to help train and serve along side of other CHOICES ambassadors around the world. They will be afforded opportunities to share testimony of their CHOICE in front of congregations and outreaches in many partner countries. 


Receptionist and Prayer partners

We are seeking churches or individuals who have a passion to pray for people who call in. We have a number that we offer to anyone needing prayer. We are gearing up to be world wide, so we could use your help by filling in a few hours each day. Your role would be to simply listen and offer prayer and make referrals when needed to local churches. We will train and provide you with resources, like our alphabetical prayer guide, to make sure you have what you need to take on this great ministry. This allows us the ability to protect the personal numbers of our volunteers.

Office Staff

If you are good with excel, word and social media posts, we need you. Your position is fluid and is the backbone of support for teams around the world. Even though we are based in Lebanon, Ohio we will consider anyone needing to work from home or abroad. 


If you see ways to promote a movement or capture a critical / pivotal moments, you probably have a gift that is sought out. Put your gifts to use in eternal events that will change someones destiny.


Not everyone sees it like you. You know the video tells the story better than words.


Are you good at raising support? These men and women have a special anointing to spread the gospel in ways that it wouldn't by any other way. If you have the gifts and talents to make a case for why people or organizations need to help spread the good news, then this position is reserved for you. 

If you're interested in joining our team and making a difference, please send an email to introducing yourself with a contact phone number.

Thank you for considering anyone of these opportunities to serve and spread the love of Christ.


Michael & Becky Myers
Hometown Ministries 

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