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Office Space and Staff

As this has grown to have an impact on so many lives, we are in need of office and warehouse space. This will help us meet the demand of centralizing the inventory and a place where we can cost effectively ship products around the world our CHOICES teams.

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CHOICES book series 

The CHOICES book series are essential to help disciple new converts. We have a minimum of 10 books still left to produce that will help people around the world. These books are targeting the most important things we face. Besides having the Bible, It truly is the most relevant material available to churches. 



CHOICES wristbands are being used around the world as a tool to help lead others into salvation. We have invested thousands of these into the lives of Christians around the world. We believe this is a tool to help them become evangelist in their workplaces and communities. We rely on partners to help us purchase more. We provide the highly sought after wristbands to people who we personally have led to salvation or people who have come to know Jesus as their savior and now wants to focus on winning others. We don't give these away, we train people how to use them effectively to grow the kingdom. 

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American church partners

341,814,420 in population. America has been a light to the world for a long, long time. She has been blessed with rights and freedoms most countries still don't possess. With that, there are responsibilities (as Christians) we must embrace. The biggest one is to train new generations about what God has provided. Salvation. If you live in a country where there are little to no reason(s) to be in fear for loss of life, then we become jaded to its possibilities. Hence you're not really thinking of making CHOICES about where you will go after this life.

In the 80's-90's the slogan"W.W.J.D. " was asked around the US. It meant to impact a person by asking themselves; What would Jesus do? But if we are honest, we know what Jesus would do. We have a bible. But we don't know what CHOICES people are making and I believe its up to us to ask. 

So we are partnering with Individuals, churches and ministries world wide, setting up a network of people equipped and trained on how to evangelize through our choices materials. Our goal is to bring Evangelism back to the streets, which will impact churches. Partner with us today to help us reach more. 

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Philippine church partners

119,106,204 population. Over 35% are under the age of 15. Half the population live in poverty. Tropical storms, floods, and landslides destroy lives and homes, especially in slums. Most farmers do not own land.  There is no children's home or a place children can go who have no families. They live on the streets or in the city dump yards scavenging for food.

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Canadian church partners

39,107,046 in population. Christian influence on Canadian society declined across the last century. The non-religious population grew the most as Christians left the Church, but other religions grew quickly through immigration and high birthrates. The mainline churches, especially the United Church and Anglican Church, became more liberal in their beliefs about God and the Bible. They also declined in numbers. We want to take evangelism to the streets and countryside areas of Canada. We need men and women passionate about reaching Canadians with the good news. Showing them CHOICES. 

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