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Partner support

No one does life alone and there is no such thing as a self-made man or woman. Every one of us has had someone, give us a chance or offer support. 

To hear some people talk they never went hungry, never had a prayer not answered, or felt alone. I assure you they have. Not because God failed them. But we live in a fallen world.

Each of us needs someone to offer kindness and support. Sometimes that comes through physically being there on the mission field, other times it's sending someone, but God always asks others to do their part so He gets all the glory. 


We need monthly support to help take evangelism to the world in a practical way. We have so many opportunities here in the USA and abroad. We literally could see 100's or even thousands born again in a short time, If we could just get to them. It's as simple as purchasing a plane ticket and not have to be concerned about paying basic obligations while conducting Kingdom business.  


That's where we partner up. If you want to help, first pray, ask God how to help. No matter if you are leaning toward being a volunteer, future staff member, or financial supporter (or all the above) we could use faithful partners motivated by love. 

5 year budget

Eric and Ethel

"In the Philippines you are put in prison just on the charge you have against you. You have until the sentence almost runs out to be heard in court for the first time. When I finally got my day in court, it was 3 years later. The charges were dismissed because they had no evidence. I go back into that same prison to share CHOICES"

Ethel Vera Bacalso Agnes - CHOICES team leader

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